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This site is being developed as an information website for anyone interested in railways, travelling by train and railway museums, with a special focus on Europe. It will be  merely a “general interest” website, with a selection of short notes and links, without any premise of being a complete catalogue. To keep the website up to date and to become more complete, we would like to turn for your for comments and suggestions!

We plan to cover the following subjects:

Railway companies in Europe
If you are interested in general information concerning railways in Europe, it is a good start to visit the overall websites of the European Railway companies

Travel by rail
Several dedicated railway travel sites offer a choice of (1, 2, ..) weekly or monthly passes to use in a number of European countries... (more)

Museum railways and railway museums
If you are interested in railways in Europe, do consider visiting a museum railway, which offers train rides in historic
... (more)

Model railways

Selected links

 Curious for "more"? The complete website will be available soon! But you may contact us any time with suggestions!




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